Getting started

Welcome to the ASB Application Programming Interface (API) Developer Portal. Our API’s provide a simple way for software developers to access ASB data and services.

Before you start you should have the following:

  • an understanding of Restful API services
  • software development experience with JSON, .net, java or php

There are two ways you can register on the ASB API Developer Portal as a developer wishing to utilise the ASB API:

  1. Register your Organisation with ASB. The individual who first registers the Organisation will be allocated the role of “Organisation Administrator”. Once approved by ASB, the Organisation Administrator role can invite other developers from your Organisation to join the Portal.
  2. Accept an invitation from your Organisation Administrator. You may receive an e-mail invitation from your Organisation Administrator. When you select the hyperlink to validate your e-mail address, you can register yourself as a developer for your accredited Orgnisation.

Each API has a dedicated page in Our API section which provides technical documentation. Have a look at the public APIs available and review the sample source code for the API’s you are interested in using. This area will give you a better understanding of our API service, parameters, fields and format of data returned.

You will also need to register your application for authorisation by ASB. Use the ‘Application Description’ field to detail how you will be using the API and the associated API data, to assist ASB in the authorisation process. All applications initially use the Sandbox environment (which returns mock API data) until they are fully tested and ready to be approved for production data access by ASB.

We appreciate your interest in the ASB API Developer Portal. If you have any other queries, please check the Help tab and look through the FAQs. If you need any further information please feel free to contact the ASB API development team: